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André Ulrich, Sergej Baum, Ingo Stadler, Christian Hotz and Eberhard Waffenschmidt,
"Maximising Distribution Grid Utilisation by Optimising E-Car
Charging Using Smart Meter Gateway Data
Energies 16, no. 9: 3790, Apr.2023.

The transition towards climate neutrality will result in an increase in electrical vehicles, as well as other electric loads, leading to higher loads on electrical distribution grids. This paper presents an optimisation algorithm that enables the integration of more loads into distribution grid infrastructure using information from smart meters and/or smart meter gateways. To achieve this, a mathematical programming formulation was developed and implemented. The algorithm determines the optimal charging schedule for all electric vehicles connected to the distribution grid, taking into account various criteria to avoid violating physical grid limitations and ensuring non-discriminatory charging of all electric vehicles on the grid while also optimising grid operation.
Additionally, the expandability of the infrastructure and fail-safe operation are considered through the decentralisation of all components. Various scenarios are modelled and evaluated in a simulation environment. The results demonstrate that the developed optimisation algorithm allows for higher transformer loads compared to a P(U) control approach, without causing grid overload as observed in scenarios without optimisation or P(U) control.


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System structure
System structure (SMG: smart meter gateway; GTE: grid topology estimation; GSE: grid state estimation; GLO: grid line optimiser; EMO: simulation environment).

E.Waffenschmidt, 28.Apr.2023