Publikationen - Netze für Erneuerbare Energien

Eberhard Waffenschmidt,
"Energy sharing in citizens communities",
Keynote Presentation, IRENEC 2024, Istanbul, Online Presentation, 18. April 2024.

A fossil free society will not only change the generation of energy to 100% renewable energy, but also the use of energy. Therefore, every person will be involved in the change individually. Energy sharing in citizens communities will thus become an important aspect in a fossil free society.
The presentation will give examples for the realisation of such projects. It will discuss which effort is necessary to manage such energy sharing communities using the example of a community battery store in a climate protecting settlement. The effort is much dependent on what people consider as “fair” for the sharing of energy. The role of administration and legislation to trigger citizen’s activities will be discussed as well.


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House with PV
PV system on a residential house

E.Waffenschmidt, 18.Aor.2024