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Eberhard Waffenschmidt,
"Direct current (DC) supply grids for LED-Lighting"
LED professional Symposium + Expo (LpS 2014), Bregenz, Austria, 30.9. - 2.10.2014.

Most electrical devices operate on direct current (DC) internally, but are supplied by alternating current (AC). A power supply with DC makes the rectifier electronics unnecessary. This makes the devices simpler and more reliable and generates less power losses. Especially, if many identical devices like lamps in supermarkets or open offices are operated, this becomes evident.
This publication aims to show solutions of DC operated professional buildings like offices or supermarkets and homes. A special focus is put on high voltage supply at 380 Vdc. First, the component effort for solutions with AC and DC current supply are compared. Especially LED-lamps can benefit from a DC supply, because lamp drivers can be reduced to a few reliable components. Then, a loss breakdown including transmission losses is presented. The major advantage of a DC supply appears, if a micro- grid including decentralized energy generation and storage is considered. In addition, standardization initiatives working on high voltage DC grids are listed. Finally, a realized office test bed including DC light emitting diode (LED) illumination and photovoltaic (PV) support is presented.

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A DC-microgrid in a building.

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