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Silvan Faßbender, Eberhard Waffenschmidt,
"A simulation tool to design PV-diesel-battery systems with different dispatch strategies",
6th International Energy & Sustainability Conference (IESC 2017), 19.-20.Oct.2017, Farmingdale, New York, USA.

In far-off regions without a connection to the main grid, primarily diesel generators are used for the power supply. However, hybrid energy systems such as PV-diesel-battery systems have a high potential to reduce CO2-emissions and fuel costs. As a challenge, on the one hand, smart dispatch strategies are required to compensate the limited part-load capacity of diesel generators and the volatility of PV-generation. On the other hand, generation and storage size have to get optimized to minimize the LCOE (levelized cost of electricity).
This paper presents a GUI-based extension of a MATLAB Simulink tool to size generation and storage units for selectable dispatch strategies. Realistic outputs are achieved by applying the double diode model for PV plants, the shepherd model for batteries and a genset model to consider additional consumption and emission in volatile operations. As an example, a PV-diesel-battery micro grid of 25 households is simulated. Relevant thresholds for the CO2-emissions and LCOE are shown.


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> PV-Diesel

Optimal cost for a PV-Diesel system.

E.Waffenschmidt, 20. Oct. 2017