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Christian Brosig, Silvan Fassbender, Eberhard Waffenschmidt, Sebastian Janocha, Bernhard Klaassen,
"Benchmark gas distribution network for cross-sectoral applications",
6th International Energy & Sustainability Conference (IESC 2017), 19.-20.Oct.2017, Farmingdale, New York, USA.

A benchmark gas distribution network, coupled to the CIGRE benchmark network for electricity is presented within this paper, to universally investigate the impacts on gas grid infrastructure. The network includes interconnected meshed and radial topologies for both low and medium pressure gas networks. They have been synthesized from existing real networks in cooperation with the Rheinische NETZGesellschaft mbH.
Applications range from analyzing network impacts of widespread CHP or fuel cell implementation, over comparing the cost-effectiveness of different future pathways between expansion and decommissioning of the gas grid network, to analyzing the impacts of distributed injection of renewable gas. The overall aim is to build a complete network benchmark for an integral cross-sectoral energy system including also heat.


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Proposed gas benchmark grid.

E.Waffenschmidt, 21. Oct. 2017