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Thorsten Schneiders, Fabian Rosenau, Tobias Scheja, Julian Sanna, Florian Binder, Eberhard Waffenschmidt,
"Optimum Combination of Photvoltaics and Batteries to Substitute Diesel Generators",
11th International Renewable Energy Storage (IRES 2017), 14.-16.Mar.2017, Düsseldorf, Germany

The tremendous decrease of the costs for solar power makes photovoltaics an attractive substitute for diesel generation, lowering power costs and environmental impact. In combination with batteries, photovoltaics may even fully subsitute existing diesel generator systems. At TH Cologne, a modelling tool has been developed to examine the possibilities and limits of integrating photovoltaics into existing diesel generator systems.
This is presented in the paper, in combination with the hands-on experience from a real project. A recently finished installation of a 90 kW PV hybrid system at the St. Dominic´s Hoospital in Akwatia/Ghana has yielded valuable experience of how such a project could be implemented - from the first evaluation of energy data to the final installation on the rooftops.


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> PV-Diesel-Project

Installing the PV-System in Ghana..

E.Waffenschmidt, 16.März 2017