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Eberhard Waffenschmidt
"Decentralized grid control",
International Renewable Energy Conference (IRENEC 2016), 26.-28.May 2016, Istanbul, Turkey.

In the near future decentralized small generators must provide grid control. This contribution presents solutions to replace rotating masses for momentary reserve and providing primary reserve power with battery storages. It is proposed to use the intermediate voltage capacitors in power converters to provide energy for the virtual inertia.
Decentralized converters must be able to provide power of 5 W and energy of 50 Ws per installed kW of power in the worst case, which can easily be handled by typical battery inverters. Providing primary control power with batteries is limited by the capacity of the battery. Losses and imprecise frequency measurements may soon lead to a depleted or full storage. It is possible to reduce this issue by making use of several parameters of freedom.

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Simulated frequency response to a load step.

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