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Eberhard Waffenschmidt, Sinan Li, Siew-Chong Tan, Chi Kwan Lee, S. Y. Ron Hui,
"Reliable and cost effective LED drivers improving perception artefacts and grid compatibility",
5th LED professional Symposium and Expo (LpS 2015), Bregenz, Austria, 22.-24.Sept. 2015.

Besides cost, size and basic functionality LED drivers distinguish in their quality of voltages and currents. On the LED side this relates to the light quality, especially flicker. On the grid side, the current shape must match limits for higher harmonics and power factor according to standards.
Based on a survey on over 1400 commercial LED drivers and the literature review, a range of LED driver topologies are classified according to their applications, power ratings, performance and their energy storage and regulatory requirements. Both, passive and active LED drivers are included in the review and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

This work is supported by the Theme-based Research Scheme (T22-715/12-N) of the Research Grant Council of Hong Kong.

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Prices of the investigated LED drivers as a function of the output power.

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