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W. S. Cheung, Y. F. Cheung, H. T. Chen, R. S. Y. Hui, E. Waffenschmidt, H. W. Choi,
"InGaN Light-emitting Diode Stripes with Reduced Luminous Exitance",
Optics Express Vol. 23, Issue 11, May 2015, pp. 15021-15028, doi: 10.1364/OE.23.015021

By simply re-shaping the geometry of an LED chip to a stripe, its efficiencies and functionalities can be enhanced. While a ~10% increase of optical output makes it a more energy-saving emitter, the elongated geometry stretches the light emission cone along the longitudinal axis, giving an overall increase of emission area by fourfold. Light emission along the LED stripe becomes much more uniform compared to the conventional cubic chip, all achieved without the usage of external optics. The stripe chips also sustain lower junction temperatures. LED chips adopting the stripe geometry are demonstrated to be well-suited for lighting applications due to their reduced luminous exitance compared to cubic chips.
As overseas member of the research project I was involved in some discussions an therefor invited to be co-author to this publiction. The detailed work was performed by the other authors.

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Microphotographs of a (a) cubic (conventional) LED, (b) stripe LED and (c) stripe LED with inclined sidewalls, driven at 20 mA.

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